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Can pdo thread lift eyes?

Understanding PDO thread lift eyes

PDO Thread Lift Eye involves burying absorbable PDO threads into the skin around the eyes, using the body’s biological response to foreign objects to stimulate the regeneration of autologous collagen.

The principle of eyebrow thread lifting is the same as that of facial thread lifting. By implanting absorbable protein threads, we can lift our drooped eyebrow tips and outer corners of our eyes appropriately.

Can PDO thread lift eyes?

Yes. Through the thread-lifting treatment, the drooping eyebrows can be lifted. The barbs of the wire itself can be used to hook the fascia, and the drooping eyebrows can be pulled back to the ideal position. It can also improve the forehead lines caused by the eyebrows pressing against the eyes. , the problem of visual fatigue. The collagen proliferation produced by thread lifting will also make the forehead firm and elastic again.

pdo thread lift eye

Thread choice for PDO thread lift eyes

If you want to achieve a natural effect, you must pay attention to the choice of the threads. Because the skin of the eye area is relatively thin, threads with 23G needle are more suitable for eye lifting than 18G needle. Even if it is implanted in areas where the skin is relatively weak, it is not easily noticeable. At the same time, be careful not to lift the eyebrows too much, otherwise the eyebrows may hang after surgery.

How many times does it take for PDO thread lift eyes effective?

PDO Thread lifting will have an “obvious” lifting effect immediately after the procedure. Depending on age and collagen loss, patients still need to discuss the overall thread lift treatment plan with their doctor to achieve the most efficient post-thread lift results. 

Precautions before and after PDO thread lift eyes

Before thread lift treatment:

  • Avoid staying up late, drinking alcohol, or smoking one day before.
  • Stop taking aspirin-containing medicines 2 weeks before the thread lift. If you take them, you need to inform them proactively.
  • If you have injections such as “Botox” or “hyaluronic acid filler” within 1 month before the thread lifting, you need to inform the doctor in advance.

Within 3 days after thread lifting:

  • The wound should be kept dry for 3 days after thread lift and avoid washing hair for the first 2 days to avoid wound infection.
  • The first 3 days after thread lift are the period of bruising and swelling, and ice application needs to be carried out regularly, with a limit of 15 minutes each time and an interval of 45 minutes. (About 4-6 times a day).
  • Medicine should be applied to the wound according to the doctor’s instructions.

Within 2 weeks after lifting:

  • Oral treatment should be avoided for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or sleeping on your stomach for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid high-temperature environments such as swimming pools, seasides, ovens, and saunas for 2 weeks.
  • Acid peels, whitening, or skin care products containing irritating ingredients should be avoided to avoid excessive skin irritation.

Within 1 month after thread lifting:

  • Avoid excessively exaggerated facial expressions and eating hard foods within 1 month.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, eating stale seafood and other allergenic foods within 1 month.
  • Avoid excessive facial massage or laser treatment to prevent thread loosening and misalignment.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided within 1 month, and general daily activities will not be affected. (It is recommended to resume high-intensity exercise 3 months after thread lift procedure)

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