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Will 1ml lip filler look natural?

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Is 1ml lip filler enough?

For those who want subtle changes, hydration/rejuvenation, 0.5ml is ok. However, if you wanna instantly plumper lips and want a fuller look, 1ml lip filler is the way to go.

Will 1ml lip filler look natural?

Yes, hyaluronic acid lip fillers can give a natural result for lips enhancement. For the volume, it is up to your lips condition, if the lips are too thin, 1ml will not be enough to give a natural looking.

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Is the 1ml lip filler cross linked hyaluronic acid?

Yes, Tri aqua lip filler is cross-linked by the BDDE agent. By cross linking the hyaluronic acid, the filler lasts much longer for lips.

The primary function of the cross-linking agent is to connect the “stripe” molecular structures of hyaluronic acid one by one. In the whole process of manufacturing, BDDE exerts its irreversible effect, which makes the molecular chain of hyaluronic acid (HA) combine, the existence of the cross-linking agent BDDE makes the hyaluronic acid molecules reach an inseparable state, which strengthens the effect of hyaluronic acid to maintain the shape after injection.

What is cross linked agent used by dermal filler?

The cross-linked agent is a chemical that prolongs the time hyaluronic acid stays in the body, but the more the cross-linked agent is, the higher the chance of side effects is. 

Tri aqua HA filler adopts the new unique technique “with least amount of BDDE agent and more 3D mesh-like natural interconnection”. Tri aqua hyaluronic acid BDDE agent content is less than 1%, which is the closest to the human body’s natural hyaluronic acid, but it can last much longer than natural hyaluronic acid.

What are the adavantages of lip filler?

  •  Instant results. If you use hyaluronic acid injection to plump your lips, the effect is instant.
  • The effect is natural and no need recovery period. Compared with surgical lip augmentation, hyaluronic acid lip augmentation is softer and more realistic, meanwhile, it will not affect daily work and life.
  • The injected hyaluronic acid comes from biological tissues, its non-animal source. So the filler is very safe.

Can i use lip filler with hyaluron pen?​

Yes, Tri aqua hyaluron filler can be used both with needles and hyaluron pen.

How to use Tri aqua lip filler?​

Step 1: Pull out a lip line from the edge of the lip;

Step 2: After pulling out the lip line, fulfill the lower lip with filler;

Step 3: Apply a small amount of hyaluronic acid to remove lip lines on the upper lip; After the injection is completed, massage and squeeze the injection site evenly to achieve the desired lip shapes.

What are the precatuions after lips injection?​

After injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, the swelling of the lips will disappear in about 7 days. In order to keep lips in a good shape, don’t rub your mouth, don’t kiss, and don’t laugh within 7 days. Try to avoid chewing hard food, semi-liquid food is recommended.

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