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Where to inject botox brow lift?

botox brow lift

What is Botox Brow lift?

The eyebrow can be lifted by botox brow lift (botulinum toxin, type A) for patients with droopy or asymmetric eyebrows on both sides. The use of BOTOX can paralyze muscle tissue and block the conduction function of nerve endings to achieve the purpose of raising eyebrows.

Where to inject botox for brow lift

Injection point: point A is the inner and upper edge of the brow, point B is 1cm away from point A along the upper edge of the eyebrow, and point C is the lower edge of the brow (Figure 2). 
Choose a 1ml syringe with a 30-gauge needle and dilute it with 1.0ml of 0.9% saline (100u/ml). 0.01-0.02ml of botulinum toxin is injected per point. For patients with significant bilateral differences, the drug dose should be adjusted appropriately according to the measured data. Follow-up visits 1, 6, and 9 months after injection.

botox brow lift

Selection of injection sites and principles of treatment

The injection points of A and B are the positions where the three groups of muscles, corrugator muscle, brow depressor muscle, and frontalis muscle, are staggered. Its superficial layer is the frontalis muscle.

The deep layer of point A is mainly the brow muscle, and the deep layer of point B is mainly the corrugator muscle. The function of the corrugator muscle is to adduct the brow and lower the tip of the brow, the function of the brow depressor is to lower the brow, the frontalis muscle has the function of raising the brow, and the orbicularis oculi muscle has the function of lowering the brow in the orbital temporal area.

According to the patient’s condition, the shape of the brow can be adjusted by choosing the deep and shallow injection sites. The superficial injection can relax the frontalis muscle, which can lower the brow and the brow tip, and the deep injection can improve the position of the brow and the brow tip. Injection of point C can lower the brow tip and relax the muscles to raise the brow peak and brow tip.

The key to lifting and adjusting the eyebrow shape is to be familiar with the eyebrow levator muscle and the eyebrow descender muscle in each part of the eyebrow and achieve the purpose of adjusting the eyebrow shape by weakening the muscle strength of the antagonist.

What are the advantages of botox for brow lift?

Botulinum toxin type A can effectively lift and change the shape of eyebrows, and its operation is simple. Recovery time is short. It does not influence people’s normal life. 

How long does botox last for eyebrow lift?

The effects usually last about 4 to 6 months. If you get a Botox injection again, you should wait at least 3 months. 

How many units of botox for brow lift?

A botox brow lift can take 4 to 8 units at the lateral aspect of each eyebrow. You can adjust the injection dose according to different patients’ conditions.

How much is a botox brow lift?

We supply different brands of Korean Original botox as below:






Nabota, botulax and meditoxin prices are similar, they cost around USD60/box. These three are the most welcomed brands. Rentox and Innotox 50u will be around USD50/box. The bigger the quantity, the lower the price.

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