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What is needleless lip filler?

needleless pen filler

What is needleless lip filler?

Traditionally, dermal fillers are injected into the skin through needles, but in recent years,  needle-free injections appear. Needleless lip fillers have been popular in the beauty industry since 2017, and they have found a place in the field of lip augmentation through a medical device called hyaluron pen.

needleless lip filler

How long do no needle lip fillers last?

The lasting period is up to what filler you choose. Tri aqua lip fillers can last from 6 to 9 months for lips augmentation. Juvederm can last about 12 months.

How does needleless lip filler work?

The working principle of needle-free lip filler is based on stress.

With the help of the spring system, the hyaluronic acid is squeezed at high speed through the small holes in the nozzle to form a very fine hyaluronic acid stream, which can easily penetrate the lips. Hyaluronic acid diffuses directly under the skin into the subcutaneous tissue.

What else areas can needle free lip filler be used for?

The hyaluron filler can also be used for tear trough correction, forehead lines removal, nasolabial folds removal, etc

Needleless lip filler before and after

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