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What Is Botulax? All You Need to Know

Botulax is your answer to erasing years off your life in a few days only. Here is a quick guide to learn all you need to know about What is Botulax and How it Works

What is Botulax?

Botulax, an analog of Botox, is a peripheral muscle relaxant manufactured by Hugel, South Korea. It is used to improve the appearance of facial fine lines and creases in adults.

Botulax contains purified botulinum toxin type A, which, combined with hemagglutinin, works with sodium chloride that acts as the excipient. These elements block the transmission of nerve impulses and consequently help relax the muscles and smooth the wrinkles. 

How does it work?

Expression wrinkles can appear in various parts of the face, even at an early age, as the constant muscular contraction in a particular area can lead to creases. With passing years, the creases can deepen and can be more difficult to deal with as the years go by.

Our body contains acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that carries messages from your brain to the body via nerve cells. Botulax’s constitution is based on weakened and purified Botulinum Toxin. The Botulax mechanism is dependent on its elements’ ability to hinder acetylcholine synthesis to block the transmission of impulses and cause temporary paralysis of the facial muscles. 

This leads to the freezing of the facial expression, leading to smoothing the wrinkles and relaxing the muscles. Here are the various areas where Botulax can help you.

  • Softening of lip contours
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Removes crow’s feet, wrinkles on the side of the eyes
  • Smooths wrinkles between the forehead and eyebrows
  • Eliminates vertical and horizontal neck wrinkles
  • Rectifies facial asymmetry induced by muscular activity
  • Cures hyperhidrosis (a condition where an individual sweats excessively)

The use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Type-A extends beyond cosmetic purposes to therapeutic purposes as well. It can be used to treat benign essential Blepharospasm in individuals over 18 years and for patients with pediatric cerebral palsy with spasticity-induced Equinus Foot Deformity in children over 2 years.

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Botulax Injection

Botulax 100 injection is in the form of a lyophilized powder which must be prepared with saline solution for administration as a solution. The injection comprises Clostridium Botulinum Type A, sodium chloride 0.9mg, albumin 0.5mg, and whey protein. The sodium chloride works as a tonic adjuster, while the albumin and whey powders serve as a stabilizer.

The injection comes in a transparent colorless vial as a white-freeze dried powder. When it is diluted with saline solution, it becomes a colorless liquid. At first glance, the vial may look empty, but you can see the white powder at the bottom of the vial. The weight of the powdered vial is 30g. For Botulax 100 IU, the injection is diluted with 2.5ml saline. 

Botulax injection is manufactured according to the highest production standards employed at Hugel, South Korea, and the quality of the product is carefully checked. It is recognized worldwide and manufactured in 23 countries under different commercial names.

Botulax injection’s key characteristics

When the Botulax injection is administered, it prevents the muscles from shrinking, reducing wrinkles. Its effectiveness is useful in multiple areas. Here are some of the key characteristics of the injection.

  • It has a natural result and does not impact the adjacent muscles or negatively affect the facial expressions.
  • Has proven excellent tolerance
  • Provides quick and efficient results
  • Offers long-lasting therapeutic effects 
  • The injection procedure causes minimal pain
  • Administers selective remedial action to preserve natural facial expressions 

Botox Injection administration

Once the injection is administered, you can experience its cosmetic impact within three to seven days. The duration of the injection’s impact can last from six to nine months. However, after three to five sessions, the duration of the impact increases. As per standard rules, it is recommended to have two to three procedures annually as muscle tone is restored over time. 

It is also important to note that if antibiotics, including tetracycline series, aminoglycosides, macrolides, or polymyxins; were taken two weeks prior to the procedure; they may enhance the impact of the procedure.

You may experience minor swelling at the injection site, while punctate hemorrhages may also persist for a few days. However, they do not require treatment and will go away on their own. The rehabilitation procedure may take seven to ten days, during which it is recommended to avoid any cosmetic or thermal procedures. It is also recommended to avoid making body movements that prompt a rush of blood to the head. 

Is Botulax Botox?

Botulax and Botox are not the same, and they are two different products with Botulinum Toxin Type A, but they are equivalents to each other with comparable specifications. Hence, it would not be wrong to consider the two of them to have similar use and results. 

Moreover, while Botox is manufactured in the US and approved by the FDA, Botulax is manufactured in South Korea by Hugel Inc. Similarly, the cost of Botox is at least twice the cost of Botulax.

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