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What is botox lip flip?

botox lip flip

What is botox lip flip?

Botox lip flip, also known as botulinum toxin injection, is a popular wrinkle-removing beauty and rejuvenation technique. In recent years, it is very popular for lip flip treatment.

Botox is a protein derived from botulinum toxin. This protein relieves muscle tension, reduces facial muscle contraction tension, and removes expression lines caused by muscle contractions.

In European and American countries, botulinum toxin injection has been used to remove wrinkles for more than 10 years.

botox lip flip

Where to inject botox lip flip?

Botulinum toxin is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle to inhibit the contraction of the orbicularis oris muscle, showing a slight pout, slightly abducting the lips, increasing the range of blush, and making the lips plumper.

Injection method: Upper lip augmentation injection: injection at the junction of red and white lips, injection position: intradermal or subcutaneous layer. The injection volume is 1-2U/injection site, a total of 4-6U.

How long does botox lip flip last?

Botox lip flip effects can last from 4 to 5 months, it lasts shorter than other areas because it is a frequently moving area.

How often should you get a botox lip flip?

We advise you to do the re-injection every 4 months. The injected botox lasting results are around 4 to 5 months.

How long after botox lip flip can you lay down?

Do not lie down within 4 to 6 hours after the Botox injection, so as to avoid the spread of it.

What areas can be treated with botox?

Lip Flips, forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, fine lines around the eyes, hypertrophy of orbicularis oculi, eyebrow lift, raise nose tip, gummy smile, facial asymmetry, and botulinum toxin can also cure migraines.

Botox injections aftercare

  • After the botox injection, you can resume normal work and study immediately. As long as you follow the precautions required by the doctor, there is no need for a recovery period after the injection.
  • Do not do local massage within 4 hours after injection to prevent the spreading.
  • Do not do strenuous exercise within 4 hours after the injection, keep the body upright, and do not lie down and bend over, so as not to cause drooping eyelids.
  • Within 6 hours after injection, avoid touching the injection area.

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