Hyaluronic Acid Knowledge

¿Qué es el acido hialuronico inyectable?

sodium hyaluronate

What is acido hialuronico inyectable?

With age, skin’s firmness decreases, and wrinkles appear, which result from the reduction of skin’s dermis and subcutaneous tissue resulting in a reduction in skin volume.

Injecting Ácido hialurónico inyectable into wrinkles means “wrinkles can be improved by increasing reduced collagen” and “using hyaluronic acid as an additive”.

acido hialuronico inyectable

What willl happen during acido hialuronico inyectable treatment?

(1) The doctor will ask you to determine the site where you want to inject hyaluronic acid by looking in the mirror and marking the site where you want to improve.

(2) Apply anesthesia according to the patient’s condition.

(3) Do the injection of hyaluronic acid filler.

(4) After the hyaluronic acid injection, the doctor will let you use the mirror to confirm whether you are satisfied.

(5) If there are unsatisfactory parts, the doctor will continue to adjust with the dermal filler.

The injection treatment takes about 10 minutes only.

We manufacture dermal fillers with lidocaine also, if you choose lidocaine-added fillers, there is no need for anesthesia.

What effects do filler injections achieve?

Hyaluronic acid exists in our skin, joints, and eyeballs, and it has a strong ability to keep water.

Human skin can be divided into “epidermis”, “dermis” and “subcutaneous tissue” from the outside to the inside. The main component of the “dermis” is the collagen network structure. The gaps in the mesh structure are filled with hyaluronic acid to maintain the elasticity of collagen.
The Hyaluronic Acid Cosmetic Injections injected into the skin can keep the gaps between the cells hydrated and make the skin elastic.

Is the acido hialuronico inyectable safe?

The hyaluronic acid will be gradually absorbed into the body within a few months or a year after the injection. Hyaluronic acid originally exists in the human body, and it will be naturally absorbed after being injected into the skin, which is extremely safe.

What areas can be treated with sodium hyaluronate gel?

Wrinkles and fine lines:
The hyaluronic acid injection is suitable for those who want to remove wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, etc. The hyaluronic acid filler takes effect immediately, and you can feel the skin becoming hydrated and plumping at once.
Anti-aging filler can not only be injected into the face but can also be injected into the back of the hand and neck for micro-rectification.

Dark circles:
Injectable Hyaluronic Acid is suitable for those who have dark circles and want to remove them. People will look much younger after under eyes treatment.

Dermal Filler is suitable for people with thin lips and deep lip lines. It can achieve the effect of lip enhancement, allowing women to have sexy thick lips.

Nose and chin:
Chin filler is suitable for those who want to augment their nose and chin. No need for surgery, you can easily reshape the nose, and raise the bridge of it.

Sunken cheeks and fat loss are the signs of aging. The sunken cheeks make the visual age look older than the actual age. Too thin and sunken cheeks can also look haggard and old. For people with sunken cheeks, injection of sodium hyaluronate gel can make people look younger.

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