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How long does hyaluronic pen lip filler last?

needleless lip filler

What is hyaluronic pen lip filler?

Hyaluronic Pen Lip Filler is the cross-linked hyaluronic acid injected into lips by hyaluron pen rather than needles.

hyaluronic pen lip filler

My skin is prone to allergies, can I inject hyaluronic Pen Lip Filler?

It is recommended to inject a small amount first, then perform multiple injections in multiple parts after observing that no allergy occurs.

Which model of Tri aqua filler is suitable for lips enhancement?

Tri Aqua Derm and Deep models are both suitable for lips enhancement, you can inject the lip filler with hyaluron pen and needles.

How long does Hyaluron pen on lips last?

Lips enhancement by hyaluron pen lasts from 4 to 6 months, it lasts shorter than inject by needles, as it goes to the skin not so deeper than needles.

How do you take care of your lips after using hyaluronic pen lip filler?

  • Avoid spicy food

If there is a swelling period after hyaluronic acid lip augmentation, you should not eat spicy and irritating food. This is because spicy and irritating food will affect the recovery of lip swelling, sometimes aggravating the swelling, thereby prolonging the time of lip swelling. 

  • Avoid hot food

Swelling occurs after hyaluronic acid lip augmentation, girls should remember that the food they eat should not be too hot or too cold, because too hot or too cold food will affect the effect of hyaluronic acid lip augmentation. Food entering the esophagus must pass through the lips, and these foods at extreme temperatures may change the state of hyaluronic acid, thereby affecting the effect of hyaluronic acid lip enhancement.

  • Avoid sauna

Within one month after hyaluron pen lip filler, you should not go to the sauna with or without swelling. Because the sauna places people in a high-temperature environment, and the high-temperature environment will directly affect the filling effect of hyaluronic acid and accelerate the loss of hyaluronic acid, you need to avoid the sauna for a month with or without swelling after hyaluronic acid lip augmentation.

  • Do not exercise vigorously

Avoid strenuous exercise within one week of swelling after hyaluron pen lip filler injection, because strenuous exercise will cause hyaluronic acid to spread around the injection point, which will affect the lip-puffing effect of hyaluronic acid-filled lips.

  • Avoid makeup

Avoid makeup for half a month after injecting hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation. Many girls may use makeup to cover up because of swollen lips. Although makeup is very simple, it is not so easy to remove makeup thoroughly. It will affect the occurrence of lip color deepening, lip freckles, etc., and the force when removing makeup will affect the effect of hyaluronic acid lip enhancement, so it is better not do the makeup.

  • Do not do exaggerated movements on the lips after hyaluron pen lip filler, such as laughing.

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