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How long do marionette lines filler last?

marionette lines filler

What is marionette lines filler?

Marionette line is caused by factors such as atrophy of skin soft tissue volume, loss of supporting force, and decreased dermis elasticity.

Marionette line filler is used to inject hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer, fill in the folds and depressions of the skin, and supplement the missing hyaluronic acid components in the skin, so as to achieve an immediate effect of wrinkle removal and maintain the skin’s hydration and luster.

How long does filler for marionette lines last?

Tri aqua marionette lines fillers can last from 9 to 12 months, up to different people’s conditions, such as age, metabolism, and lifestyle. 

Juvederm can last longer than any other brand, commonly it can last about 18 months for smile lines correction.

Tri aqua filler for marionette lines


Marionette lines filler Deep


1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 50ml 100ml

Lidocaine content



Marionette lines, plump lips, chin augmentation, cheeks augmentation, jowl shaping, facial contour


One syringe with 2 BD needles


9-12 months

Accept OEM customization



Room temperature

marionette lines filler

Precautions before and after marionette lines filler treatment​

  • Before treatment

Before hyaluronic acid gel injection, it is not advisable to use makeup/irritating skin care products

  • After treatment
  1. Within 3 days: Avoid lying down, and applying pressure to the injected area.
  2. Within one week: Avoid acid peels. Avoid using hot water to clean your face. Swelling/bruising/pain/itching can be relieved by an ice compress
  3. Within one month: Avoid high-temperature places. Sunscreen and moisturizing should be done. Avoid spicy/alcoholic foods after sodium hyaluronate gel injection.

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