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Filler Profhilo injection points and BAP technique

Profhilo injection points

The characteristic of Profhilo is that it mixes high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid at the same time. It uses Hybrid cell regeneration technology. It can significantly increase COLIV, COLVII and ELS in keratinocytes 4 hours after injection.

It mixes 32 ml of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 32 ml of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a total of 64 ml of hyaluronic acid in one shot, which contains 12 times more collagen and elastin than ordinary hyaluronic acid products. Profhilo is compatible with the human body and produces natural results.

Only 5 points of injection are needed to achieve a long-term and significant hydration effect, which is comparable to thread lifting. Filler PROFHILO anti-ageing injection only requires 2 courses, with an interval of 1 month. There are only 5 injection points on each side, a total of 10 points. The effect of injection can significantly improve the skin condition in 1 month.

Profhilo injection points operation details

Profhilo injection basic info

Product name: Profhilo

Product specifications: 2ml*1/box

Shelf life: 3 years

Storage: Room temperature is enough, no need cooling, and do not expose it to the sun

Applicable people: Suitable for people with skin problems such as facial sagging, necklines, skin aging, sagging apple muscles, dull skin, etc.

Profhilo injection points operation instructions

  • Before treatment: Interview and assessment of the treatment area. Physicians must evaluate whether this product is suitable for patients and whether anesthesia is needed. Patients should be informed of the scope of application of the product, expected results of treatment, precautions before and after treatment, contraindications, and possible side effects.
  • Treatment site requirements: The procedure needs to be performed on healthy, non-inflamed, and sterilized skin.
  • Profhilo injections points confirmation
profhilo injection points
  • Point 1. The prominent position of the zygomatic bone: is at least 2cm away from the outer corner of the eye.
  • Point 2. The base of the nose: Draw a line connecting the nostril and tragus, draw a vertical line starting from the pupil, and position the injection point at the intersection of the two lines.
  • Point 3. Tragus: 1cm in front of the bottom of the tragus.
  • Point 4. Chin: Draw a vertical line in the center of the chin, draw a vertical line one-third of the way down from the top of the vertical line, and move 1.5cm from the intersection to the oral commissure.
  • Point 5. Mandibular angle: 1cm upward from the mandibular angle.

Recommendations for Profhilo injection

  • Recommendations for needles: 13mm needle (halfway inserted at a 40-degree angle) or 4mm needle inserted 3mm vertically.
  • Recommended injection dosage: 0.2ml for each point, 1ml for each face, and 2ml for the whole face.
  • Recommended course of treatment: It is recommended to have two courses of treatment a year, twice for each course, 1 syringe at a time, one month later for the second syringe, and the treatment is repeated after half a year.

In addition, Profhilo can also be used on arms, neck, knees, back of hands and other areas. Among them, the upper arm treatment follows the original “Seven Point Technology” (SPT), which is similar to the BAP five point technology on the face, while the neck uses a “claw” injection method to help the product maximize its effectiveness.

How long does Profhilo filler last?

According to clinical studies, the effects of Profhilo H+L last for 6 months. This depends on the lifestyle and age of the patient, as well as the degree of correction required. For the first time, two courses of treatment are recommended, with an interval of 1 month. Thereafter, maintenance should be performed every two months or as required.

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