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Do hyaluronic acid lip fillers make lips bigger?

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What are hyaluronic acid lip fillers?

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is very popular for lips enhancement treatment.

Hyaluronic acid is a transparent and viscous gel-like substance. Its aqueous solution is a viscoelastic fluid that fills the space between skin tissue cells and collagen fibers.

The most powerful part of hyaluronic acid is its ability to absorb water. It can store a lot of water. Hyaluronic Acid Gel can absorb 6000 times its own weight (1g of hyaluronic acid can absorb 6L of water), and about 60% of our human body is composed of water. So it can be said that hyaluronic acid is indispensable existence for us.

The structure of natural hyaluronic acid is linear, there is no intersection between the molecular chains, and the displayed form is also liquid. It can be absorbed very quickly. Therefore, something called a “crosslinking agent” is needed to connect the loose molecules together.

After adding the crosslinking agent, the hyaluronic acid got a significant change in texture, transforming from the previous liquid state to the highly connected gel state.

hyaluronic acid lip fillers

Do hyaluronic acid lip fillers make lips bigger?

Yes, dermal filler is a very popular way to enhance lips, it can effectively make lips bigger, and the results are very natural and instant.

What should I note for lips enhancement?

  • The first thing is definitely to talk to your doctor and discuss the effect you want. Then make a treatment plan that can achieve this effect.
  • The two key points of lip augmentation are: filling and shaping. The two processes involve injections in different places on the lips.
  • Lip augmentation is definitely to enhance the appearance of our entire face and make us look good, not just focus on one part. So, be sure to make sure the lip line is natural and fits the proportions of the whole face.
  • Notes: The upper lip should be contoured and the lower lip should be enhanced.
  • Since most of the lower lip is fuller than the upper lip, the filling of the upper lip should be done with caution and not too much. If your lips are thinner overall, you should not inject directly on the vermilion border of the upper lip.

What is cupid's bow?

“Cupid’s Bow” refers to the plump and well-defined upper lip, plus the obvious charming lip peaks and lip beads, and the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, which looks like an upside-down bow. The lower lip is fuller than the upper lip and looks slightly turned outward, but it should not be too over.

What benefits do hyaluronic acid lip fillers have?

  • The hyaluronic acid dermal filler molecule is soft, highly malleable, and can be completely metabolized by the human body. It can be said to be very safe.
  • After the injection, the lips will become more tender and glossy, the lip lines will be smoothed, and the lip color will become rosier.
  • The important thing is to make you look good even without lip gloss. Just a layer of light-colored lip balm will make you stunning.

What should I expect during lips injections?

First, the doctor injects the area that needs enhancement.

Then the doctor will start to shape the lip shape that suits each person, such as the thickness of the upper and lower lips, whether the lip line is obvious, and whether the lip beads are suitable.

Dermal fillers are also injected around the corners of the mouth, turning the sagging corners into an upturned arc.

Which model of Tri aqua filler is suitable for lips augmentation?

Tri aqua Derm and Deep models are both available for lips enhancement. Deep’s particle size is bigger than Derm, it has better shaping effects. 

Can you feel the hyaluronic acid lip fillers when kissing?

Once the swelling recover, the lips after the filler injection usually do not feel any different than before, even when kissing. Lips are still soft and natural. The person you are kissing doesn’t know or feel the difference.

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