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Dermal Filler for Nose: Yay or Nay?

Dermal Fillers are becoming increasingly popular these days, and a lot of masses from around the world want to change their appearance, be it just a particular feature like the nose, lips, or even nose! Many of the population widely adopt them because of the ease these fillers have created! Now people can change their appearance with just 2-3 syringes of fillers, and it is so efficient that the results last up to around 2 – 3 years.

Now you do not have to go through the hassle of surgeries or Botox to enhance/pronounce your features! With these fillers, your life is much more sorted regarding face augmentation and feature enhancements. 

What is Dermal filler for nose?

I have so many people around me who say they don’t like their noses! Almost out of all the people I know, very few like their nose shape. The rest keep ranting about how their nose is too wide, fat, or big (We do not endorse high beauty standards at all, just stating the general idea of people regarding their noses) 

Many, many people are getting botox done to their faces. Additionally, people are ready to go through the pain and hassle process of surgeries/treatments (e.g., rhinoplasty) done to their faces to change their nose shapes. We suggest that there is an easier, less hectic, and less painful way of changing the contouring and defining the nose; through dermal fillers, which won’t cost you an arm and a leg and won’t suck but make you go through excruciating pain either. And, in a couple of sittings only, you will see results for yourself.

Now you must be wondering, why do people get dermal fillers in the nasal area? Well, the answer is some people have a small bump on the upper area of the nose. Some have a very wide lower area of the nose, and some have a very crooked nose. Some people think their nose doesn’t have an equal shape and height on both sides. To solve all these problems of people, there is a fast and efficient solution; dermal fillers.

Still not believing us? We will guide you about the best fillers available and the consequences, the safety, pros, and cons of getting fillers to your nose, so stay tuned and walk through the rest of this article to enlighten yourself.

Is Dermal Filler Safe for nose?

People with asymmetrical and misshaped noses tend to get super conscious about their appearance and want to get their noses put in the right shape as soon as possible! Mostly, practitioners recommend rhinoplasty to people with distorted noses. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure done to modify the nose shape and, in some cases, to improve breathing problems in people. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to get this procedure done.  However, now that dermal fillers are on the rise is it a good idea to go for dermal fillers directly and not consider rhinoplasty? 

There’s no specific answer to this, and it varies case-wise. Elaborately, some people have thick noses, and some have major defects (like structural problems and breathing issues) in the nose. These cases mentioned above are generally recommended for rhinoplasty because they need properly surveilled surgery. On the other hand, people with minor defects and flaws in the nose (like crookedness, asymmetry, and bumps) are usually recommended to sort their nasal issues using dermal fillers because they are a safe and hassle-free option. 

Moreover, one of the major facts (that people don’t always understand) is that the results of dermal fillers are not permanent. Meaning the results will start to fade after a couple of years because dermal fillers are merely fillers and do not guarantee a permanent change in your facial features. However, there are a few more checkboxes that the candidate needs to tick before qualifying for dermal fillers. 

The checklist includes good health. If the candidate is unhealthy/ suffering from a disease, the practitioner will likely ask the patient to delay the procedure. Thus, being healthy is one of the major requirements before starting the procedure. Moreover, the patient should be free from infections and should not be allergic to some filler ingredients. Additionally, since fillers offer temporary and amend minor defects, they are opted for by people who have undergone rhinoplasty but are not fully happy with the change rhinoplasty made to their face, thus with fillers, they can make minor amendments to their features the way they want to. Moreover, people who are unsure about rhinoplasty and are reluctant to go for it opt for dermal fillers since they are less intense, less painful, and a quick way to make minor changes to nasal features. Thus, it is safe to say that dermal fillers are a cheap and safe way to change the appearance of your nose. 

Pros of Getting Dermal Fillers on the Nose

The pros of dermal fillers are too good not to be discussed. The first and foremost advantage is that they are a quick way to get rid of that bump on your nose or make it appear slightly contoured. It is a safe option for girls conscious about their nose shape. Moreover, the results come out dramatically fast as well. Like after two to three sittings, there will be a visible difference in your nose. 

Apart from that, there is no proper ‘surgery-like’ procedure to get the fillers. You can get those very easily and don’t need to be anesthetized. There are no scary tools used for fillers (imagine the sharp, shiny-silver tools in the doctor’s hands in operation theatres), and the syringe is directly injected into your skin. 

The only painful thing you will go through when getting nose fillers is when the syringe is injected into your body. Apart from that, there is nothing that will because you pain while getting fillers. Moreover, you don’t need to rest for even a couple of hours after getting fillers, saving you a lot of time. There will be no downtime that your body will need to recover, and thus, fillers are the quick and easy way to get those noses straight.

Additionally, almost all fillers have zero side effects. The ingredients (mentioned on the labels) are safe. There is little to almost no swelling in the area where the patient has been injected. Thus, dermal fillers are a quick fix for instant and natural-looking changes.

What Are the Cons of Getting Dermal Fillers?

The nasal area is quite sensitive. Therefore, if the injection is given in the wrong blood vessel, a lot of complications might occur. Thus, there is a slight potential risk associated with fillers; hence, a well-experienced practitioner is recommended to get it done to ensure the process goes very smoothly for you. 

Moreover, since the nose and eyes both are very close, there is a chance that the filler gel can enter the eye (in case the gel is viscous). Then there will be irritation in the eyes which can pose a potential risk like vision loss.  

Best Fillers for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, a.k.a Dermal Fillers 

Juvederm Ultra

juvederm ultra

Check more details about Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm is a well-known company that manufactures effective dermal fillers that work well on the nose, lips, and jawline. The medium-weight gel consists of hyaluronic acid, a great ingredient to tighten the skin around the nose.

The Juvederm restores lost cells in the skin and gives it a more refreshing look.

The bumps and crookedness of the nose will be smoothened, and your nose will look more defined, straight, and edgy with this dermal filler! Moreover, it contains polylactic acid that contributes to tightening the skin. 

Revolax Deep Filler

revolax deep dermal filler for nose

Check more details about Revolax Deep Dermal Filler for nose.

It is a synthetic, gel-based dermal filler with some healthy minerals that make the gel sit under the skin for a while. When the body absorbs the gel, the nose shape smoothens out, and the nasal area is enhanced. It is also greatly endorsed by many doctors and practitioners; thus, if you are going for nasal enhancement, Revolax Deep Filler is your option.

Overall, these dermal fillers are a terrific, pain-free solution to create smooth, bump-free noses! You can receive these fillers via syringe injection without undergoing any surgery. Since surgeries cost far more than that, it is also a very economical way.

Your practitioner’s or consultant’s recommendations will also influence your decision regarding a dermal filler. It is strongly advised to choose fillers after consulting with a professional.

Otherwise, the consequences could be quite bad for you. We hope that this article was helpful to you and that you can now choose a dermal filler to easily make minor changes and amendments to your nose and skin.

Bottom Line

The above information is about how dermal fillers can be effective for your nose. The different kinds of dermal fillers are discussed above. The advantages and disadvantages of dermal fillers used for our noses are also mentioned. I hope you find the information useful enough to carry out your conclusion and make a refined decision.

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