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Botulax Storage and Refrigeration: All You Need to Know

Botulax(Botulinum Toxin) is a favorite for the treatment of various conditions, including smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles and getting rid of hyperhidrosis, among others. Even with the administration of a low dose, the product provides very effective results.

Botulax is formulated with a patented manufacturing technique and comes with high purity, increasing its efficacy. However, like any other medicine, Botulax Storage and Refrigeration are important for safe administration.

A common question that people usually ask is how long Botulax lasts once mixed and whether it needs refrigeration. This article addresses these questions and caters to a few other concerns that may be a source of apprehensions for cosmetic medicine practitioners and patients.

How long does Botulax last once mixed?

Botulax is available in the form of a white-freeze dried powder that comprises Clostridium Botulinum Type A, sodium chloride 0.9mg, albumin 0.5mg, and whey protein. The vial comes in a sealed form; to administer the injection, it is mixed with saline solution. The quantity of saline used depends on the concentration of Botulinum. Here is how the solution is prepared.

  • 50 units of Botulinum requires 1.25ml of saline
  • 100 units of Botulinum requires 2.5ml of saline
  • 200 units of Botulinum requires 5ml of saline

Now comes the important part of administering the injection and the importance of timing in this regard. You must consider the important aspect of how long does Botulax last when mixed. The expiration date for a vial is specified clearly on the packaging, but it is only applicable in the instance when the vial is unopened and stored as per the specified requirements. 

While you can store an unopened Botulax vial for up to 36 months, it is not the case once the solution is prepared. Once you mix the vial ingredients with the requisite amount of saline, using all the solutions as early as possible is recommended. It is advised to record the time of Botulax reconstitution so you have a frame of reference for the timely administration of the injection. 

When you reconstitute Botulax, i.e., mix it with the included solution, the product will begin losing its effectiveness, and delays in administering the prepared solution may impact the desired results. Botulinum toxin can be refrigerated at low temperatures for one to three days. If the vial is opened, it is recommended to use it as soon as possible, and if it is not entirely used, it cannot be stored for long. The longer the solution is kept, the less effective it will be, and at one point, it will be rendered completely ineffective.

Hence it is recommended to use Botulax as soon as it is mixed. In case you have to delay the administration, you must not wait for too long and aim to utilize the mixed solution within the next 24 hours and keep it in the refrigerator at low temperatures (2 – 8°C) in the meantime. In any case, you must not delay utilizing the product for more than three days. 

Can you freeze Botulax?

If the Botulax storage solution, once prepared, is not used entirely, you may be concerned about the product going to waste. As suggested earlier, we recommend you use Botulax within 24 hours once it is diluted with the requisite saline

However, according to clinical trials and user testimonials, the good news is that Botulax displays stable potency under freezer or cold storage conditions even after reconstitution.

An unopened Botulax lyophilized vial can be stored in the freezer below -5°C, while its shelf life is up to 36 months. 

Can you store Botulax in the fridge?

The sealed product is usually purchased with a cooling pack, and unopened vials must be stored in a freezer at -5°C or in the refrigerator at 2-8°C, where it can last for up to 36 months or as long as its shelf life.

However, Botulax, once mixed, must be used within one to three days and stored in the fridge at low temperatures in the meantime. Subsequent refrigeration does not affect the potency of reconstituted Botulax within the specified time frame.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the concerns regarding the sterility of the prepared solution and hence its safety. Multiple withdrawals from the same vial over a prolonged period can trigger bacterial contamination. 

It is hence recommended to ensure that the fridge where Botulax is stored has the required conditions to ensure the integrity of the product and keep its effectiveness intact. If the fridge has a glass door, the product can be damaged by light. It is important to monitor the solution, ensure that the storage space is ideal, and log the temperature to maintain the desired temperature level for safe storage.

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