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Botulax Review: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Korean Botox Brand

Are you considering getting cosmetic, medicinal treatment for the first time? The decision-making can be overwhelming, considering the wide range of choices available and all the aspects you must consider before taking the leap. 

You may have a lot of questions in your mind. For instance, which brand to opt for, why is one brand cheaper than the other, and is the treatment safe? Read on as we tackle these questions through our Botulax review, the renowned Korean Botox brand. We have also offered its comparison with Botox and catered to concerns regarding Botulax’s status.

Korean Botox

The prospect of not being able to move a certain part of the face may be too perturbing for some, including even the seasoned users who have taken Botox treatment before. However, Botox usage has become increasingly widespread as numerous people opt for the procedure for muscular movement disorders or aesthetic improvements. 

It is because, over time, it has been established through various clinical trials and studies that Botox, including Korean Botox, is a very safe procedure and has manifold benefits. Here are a few details about Korean Botox you may find interesting. 

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Korean Botox Brands 

However, given the wide range of options in terms of Botox available in the market, it is common to have apprehensions regarding which brand is safe and how effective it is. There are multiple Korean Botox brands available in the market. Besides Botulax 100, and 200 units, we have Innotox, Meditoxin, Xeomin, and Coretox, among others. 

Due to the high-cost competition in Korea, the lower-priced brands have received a better response compared to the foreign brands as three of the largest manufacturers, including Hugel for Botulax, Medytox for Meditoxin, and Daewoong Pharmaceutical for Nabota, constituting 90% of the total market share.

For a country with the highest number of cosmetic treatments per capita and abundant seasoned professionals, it is remarkable how these brands have made a name for themselves.

Korean Botox Effectiveness

If we consider the effectiveness of Korean Botox brands, the general assumption is that almost all the brands have more or less the same level of efficacy. The only point of difference is the time it takes for the results to appear. 

Different brands have different peak times, but on average, you should be able to notice the effect in one week. The duration of the Botox effect of the brands may also be variable in some instances. 

In some instances, individuals develop resistance due to the frequent use of a certain brand of Botox. Studies reveal that immunogenicity is contingent on the amount of foreign protein in the injectable. The brands having a lower level of protein impurity level have a lower risk of inducing resistance to Botox.

At the same time, there are studies that suggest that the toxin can be the leading cause of resistance. That said, since a very small amount of Korean Botox is administered for aesthetic purposes, the prospect of immunogenicity is low.

Botulax Review: What’s the difference between Botox and Botulax?

botulax 100

The Korean-based Botulax, manufactured by Hugel, is an analog of Botox. It is rapidly making headway in various European markets due to its strong efficacy. Various clinical studies for the market approval of Botulax in Europe and the US have shown that Botulax has the same impact as Botox on the tissue where it is injected.

A vial of Botulax comprises Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A as the active ingredient, human serum albumin as the human stabilizer, and 0.9mg of non-preserved sterile sodium chloride for adjusting the tonic. 

When the right amount of Botulax is administered, the injectable serves to reduce the muscle’s tissue contraction activity. It leads to the complete setup of the injected muscle and the disappearance of wrinkles in that particular area. 

The results of Botulax first appear between three and seven days; however, the treatment’s effect reaches its full peak between ten and fourteen days. The duration of the injection’s impact lasts six to nine months, as claimed by the manufacturer. Botulax is hence a safe and effective choice for the temporary removal of facial wrinkles and for modeling facial contours.

On the other hand, Botox is the most widespread Botulinum Toxin Type A injectable. Produced by the American manufacturer Allergen, Botox is the most widely accepted and understood cosmetic treatment prevalent in today’s time.

Like Botulax, Botx also comprises Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A as the active ingredient, 0.5 milligrams of human serum albumin, and 0.9mg of non-preserved sterile sodium chloride for adjusting the vial. 

A major advantage that Botox has over other brands is that it is well-known for its time-tested, unconditional quality. Regardless of the extent and location of facial imperfections, Botox effectively eliminates the irregularities, be it the corner of the eyes, the forehead, the chin, or the nasolabial zone. 

At the same time, Botulax has also proven efficacy in these areas and delivers similar results for the problem areas. The strong concentration of the main component in Botox allows for using a small amount to serve the purpose, and Botulax’s performance is comparable in this regard as well. 

In both injectables, botulinum toxin acts only in the particular injection zone by penetrating locally. There is no impact on the adjacent tissues as the products are easy to apply point-by-point without concerns for disturbing the adjacent tissue. 

For both Botox and Botulax, the time it takes for optimal results to appear is around two weeks. The effect duration for Botox is five to six months, and Botulax has more or less the same duration. 

As we can see from the above review, Botox and Botulax are similar in composition and the impact they deliver. However, one major disadvantage of Botox is the price of the product. Compared to other analogs of the brand, including Botulax, the original drug is pricier, and it is the cost factor due to which many patients are apprehensive about using Botox. 

However, as a Korean Botox brand, Botulax offers a more economical option with comparable results per clinical studies and numerous reviews.

In 2022, Hugel received marketing approval for Botulax in Canada and multiple European markets, while it was successful in achieving a higher-than-the-target sales volume in markets like Taiwan and Brazil. It is currently pursuing approval for use in the US. 

Is Botulax illegal?

Botulax, first introduced in 2009, has been sold in around 28 countries worldwide, including Korea, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Chile, Uruguay, Kuwait, Panama, etc. In 2022, Botulax was approved for sale in Canada and 11 European markets, including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The product is hence now available in over 40 countries. Botulax’s manufacturer Hugel is also actively pursuing approval for its marketing in the US. The company aims to expand the overseas market for Botulax and introduce its differentiated value on the basis of fact-based marketing endeavors.

Regardless of the brand of Botox, the foremost concern is the expertise of the practitioner administering the injection. You must cautiously choose an expert who is experienced and adept at the process of using the diluent to reconstitute the Botox vial and employing the right technique to administer the injection to cater to the problematic areas and deliver the desired results.

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